SMS Messages for Texting :)

An Angel making you Special

Once there was an angel who wanted 2 change
evrythn into smthng special
I saw angel changing u.
I said Oops!No
this 1 is already so special.

Special Missing Heart

*;, ,;* "*;,;*"
Ye SPECIAL missing HEART hai,
ise aap un logon ko send karo
Jinhe aap KHONA nahi chahte.
Maine to kar diya.......?

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Dreams were like Wishes

I wish dreams were like wishes,
and wishes came true,
cause in my dreams I'm always with you.

An Empty Message by Special one

Short n Very Cute Line..
.... An Empty Message also looks Special
when You Truly like the Person who sent it..

People Worth Keeping

I can't really choose
people who come into my life.
But I can always choose those who should stay,
because I know they are worth keeping.
Just like YOU.

Ready To Die When U Cry

They are Many People
who r Ready to cry When u die
But There may b ones
who r ready to die When u Cry
Feel The Differnce Find That Ones

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We Fight with whom we love

V fight & scold d one
whom v love the extreme-
most interestingly v won’t let others
2 do the same 2 that person:)
Bcoz they are really special

You are always special for Me

HEART is a
special word for LOVE.
LOVE is a
special world for CARE.
CARE is a
special word for YOU.
YOU are
always special for Me!

Special People Are Not Forgotten

Distance Do Not Matter
When The Memories Are Sweet
Special People Are Not Forgotten
When They Remain In Heartbeats

People who find you special...

Life they say is touch and go.
Some people you know
may only be there for some time.
Some may go away,
but people who find you special
will always find ways to stay.


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